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India Sunday School Union

People Growers Since 1876
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           The India Sunday School Union (ISSU) was formed in 1876 under the leadership of Rev. Dr. T.J. Scott, a Methodist educator. A little over a hundred years since the beginning of Sunday Schools in England in 1780's, which took education to child laborers. The focus of the Sunday School movement was on reading, writing, arithmetic, and values for character development and as a foundation for social institutions that contribute to the flourishing of life. The Sunday School movement was a precursor to the universalization of elementary education for all, first in England and Wales (1870) then the light spread to distant lands. From its inception ISSU has actively promoted Sunday Schools in South Asia and from China to Egypt. ISSU strives to be creative in its mission in the Indian context without forgetting its roots.
Programme in Continuing Education

April 9-11
The Book of Psalms

April 21-23
Bread and the Word: Theology and Economics

April 24-30
Change the World: Social Sciences and Theological Perspectives

May 1-2
An Imaginative Reading of Ephesians and James E. Loder's Practical Theological Science

May 4-7
The Church Alive for Youth in an Uncertain World

May 9-19
Integrated Course in Christian Education

May 21-31
Advanced Course in Christian Education

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ISSU is committed to the holistic and harmonious growth and development of persons, facilitating them to make Christian responses to life, to become active participants in the Church and in human history, and to extend God’s rule in human society, expressed in sacrificial and inclusive love, fellowship in the Spirit, and in a more just, peaceful, and compassionate world.